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If ensuring speed and safety for your sites is really a basic priority for you – then search no further than lewis Hosting’s website hosting services. We use SSD–equipped servers and provide numerous web accelerators that will make your sites operate much faster. Furthermore, we deploy ZFS file storage to shield your web site content from corruption. Plus, we will handle the task of migrating all of the web sites you need to our servers – completely charge–free.

Linux Website Hosting Services from lewis Hosting

At lewis Hosting, we have always strived to present exceptional Linux website hosting solutions. That’s the reason why we spent such a lot of time developing a special website hosting system, by reason of this we created our signature Control Panel and that’s the key reason why we are constantly investing in getting our system far better. As high quality and customer satisfaction is just what matters most to all of us.

lewis Hosting





(per month)


(per month)


(per month)


(per month)

Unlimited Disk Space 7 GB Unlimited 100GB
1 Hosted Domain Unlimited Hosted Domains 6 Hosted Domains 1 Hosted Domains
100 E-mail accounts Unlimited E-mail accounts Unlimited E-mail accounts 100 E-mail accounts
5 MySQL Databases Unlimited MySQL Databases 50 MySQL Databases 20 MySQL Databases


yX Media - Monetize your website traffic with us



WP Speedy Links is a powerful WordPress plugin that VERY SIMPLY allows you to monetize your entire WordPress website or blog for ANY keyword in SECONDS



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