How to Write a 30 Second Commercial Video Script

In this video, I’m going to give you 8 tips on how to write a good 30 second commercial video script.

1 – Keep the script under 500 characters. That’s about 80 words on average. Google search “character counter” to paste your script into some free tools. Or, if writing in Google Docs, go to Tools, Word Count to see your character count.

2 – 500 characters is very short and sweet, so keep your writing lean, mean and punchy. Trim out all unnecessary words and phrases.

3 – Tell your story. People love stories. We’ve been sitting around campfires since our cavemen days telling stories. Try to tell the story of why you do what you do, how you make the world or your community a better place, who you are and what you do all inside 500 characters. Make it interesting, inspiring, funny, educating, engaging.

4 – When you think of writing your video script, think of it as writing a 30 second story, not writing a 30 second commercial. Start your script with opening lines such as; “When my Dad founded our company in 1976…”, or, “Against all odds two hard working entrepreneurs…”. Much better than starting with something like, “ABC Plumbing is Denver’s leading plumbing contractor with…”. Check out some of these great story telling openers…

5 – When your script is written. Test reading it and time your reading to make sure it’s inside 30 seconds. If not, make cuts. Leave room at the end to show your logo long enough to be remembered.

6 – Once your script is finalized, get a professional voiceover to read it. Try Voice 123 if you’d like a number of options to choose from. Or, if you’re using Marketing 360, we offer voice over talent as well.

7 – Pick your background music, the music can make a big difference and impact so take your time. Try searching Artlist or Premium Beat. Listen to the voiceover you choose as you listen to the music. Make sure the background volume is not too overbearing. We generally recommend 5-10% volume compared to the voiceover which should be at 100% volume.

8 – Once you’ve finalized your script, voiceover and chosen your music, it’s time to create your video! We’ll leave those tips for another day. If you need help, call us at Marketing 360. We create commercial videos all the time.

Thanks for watching!

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