7 Marketing Tips for 2021

7 Marketing Tips for 2021

Dollars do not just evaporate and disappear during a recession. They simply change hands. They change hands to those that continue to market their business and adapt. It’s those businesses that capture the market-share and seize the opportunity the businesses that quit marketing or fail to adapt leave behind. Let’s create a huge sense of urgency for the SMBs we’re speaking with to get started NOW so they can hit the ground running in 2021.

1 – Level up your technology, look for a fully integrated platform that allows you do do everything you need to do from one place and automate as much as possible – CRM, payments, scheduling, email, social, ads, reporting, etc.

2 -Develop your marketing calendar, what messaging, promotion, product or service are you going to push each month? Think about what’s relevant for your customers during the year. What will hit home with them? What reminders will benefit them? What will keep you top of mind but not annoying? What value-able content can you include with your promotions? Ex – HVAC, don’t be cold for thanksgiving.

3- Create the assets, landing pages, videos, emails, social posts, ad designs in advance. Invest in quality so these stand out and make your brand like the nike of your hometown

4- Schedule in-platform and set reminders so it’s as automated as possible and distributed across all the major channels – email, text, listings, social, ads

5- Determine targeting and budget.

6- Track results and make changes for next year so you see an improved ROI each year.

7- What is your plan to exceed your customer’s expectations and create raving fans so you can capture more reviews and referrals? Make working with you a memorable story.

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